Latin Root Word Vocabulary Unit (Form-)


This Latin Root Words vocabulary unit is the perfect way to help your students improve their vocabulary skills because of its engaging, habit-forming routine. This week-long Latin Root Words vocabulary unit includes 10 vocabulary words stemming from the Latin root words form-.

This teaching includes these materials:

  • A 24-slide, editable PowerPoint presentation with the words and definitions
  • A secured PDF with a daily recording sheet, quiz, answer key, and table-match game.

This Latin Root Words vocabulary unit follows a specific vocabulary routine to allow for a little bit of vocabulary instruction and work each day. This unit is intended to last a week; however, it can be stretched out to two weeks if needed.

Since there are daily activities, this Latin Root Words vocabulary routine can be implemented as classwork, bell-ringers, homework, or as an exit ticket.

This Latin Root Words vocabulary unit follows this weekly schedule:

  • Monday: Students take the pre-test and review the words and definitions 
  • Tuesday: Students made visual connections by drawing images that represent each word
  • Wednesday: Students complete a word web activity to make vocabulary associations
  • Thursday: Students write a reflection about the words
  • Friday: Students take the end-of-the-week quiz

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This resource is good for personal classroom use only. Commercial use of this resource is strictly prohibited.