Journalism Graphic Organizers – Inverted Pyramid


Journalism Graphic Organizer – Inverted Pyramid: These are the only two journalism/media graphic organizers you will ever need for middle school and high school journalism.

This five-page download includes one teacher page, a double-sided interview question graphic organizer, a relevancy organizer, and an inverted pyramid graphic organizer.

These journalism graphic organizers will substantially improve your student reporters’ news writing ability and interviewing confidence.

The journalism interview question graphic organizer helps guide students as they write 15 well-developed and substantial interview questions. The organizer also reminds students to thank their interview subject. There is space on the organizer for student notes.

The inverted pyramid graphic organizer goes one step beyond most. This one not only familiarizes students with the inverted pyramid format for writing, but it also has dedicated space for a working headline, interview subjects’ names and titles, and additional story notes.

These two journalism graphic organizers have significantly helped my ELL/EL/ESL student journalists as well.


On 5/25/2019, I added the relevancy organizer and updated the resource’s aesthetics.

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