Introduction to William Shakespeare Mini Flip Reference Book


Introduce William Shakespeare to your students with this fun, informative, and interactive mini flip book. This mini flip book includes seven different tabs to help your students get to know the life, times, and works of the Bard: Biography, Timeline (interactive), The Globe, Language, Quotes (interactive), Works, and Iambic Pentameter

On the timeline page, students read through the book and complete additional research (optional) to create a timeline of William Shakespeare’s life. On the quotes page, students write own the modern-day, literal translations of quotes William Shakespeare coined.

Students can use this mini flip reference book before they read the plays to gain insightful background information and while they read to help translate Elizabethan language.

– Classroom Directions Included!

– Compatible with Interactive Notebooks!

– Fun and Engaging!

– Hands-On!

★This mini flip book is included in a money-saving bundle★

Mini Flip Book Growing Bundle

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