Growth Mindset Digital Bell Ringers – Distance Learning


Growth mindset bell ringers, do-nows, and writing prompts: There are 30 growth mindset bell ringers included in this resource. Each bell ringer includes a growth mindset inspired quote and brief writing response. Students will read the quote and write either an argument, informational, or narrative response. This is the second installment of my Growth Mindset Bell Ringers resource.

These bell ringers are designed to align your students into more of a growth mindset so that they can accept failure, learn from mistakes, and realize their true potential.

Each slide contains a bell ringer with a growth mindset quote and a writing prompt. The bell-ringers include a variety of CCSS-strand writing prompts: argumentative, informational, and narrative.

This download includes a Google Slide that contains:

– 6 weeks worth of thought-provoking bell ringers or daily writing prompts.

– A link to a digital recording sheet. Upon clicking on the link, students will make their own copy of the recording sheet.

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