Figures of Speech Digital Bundle for Secondary ELA

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Engage your students in a complete, digital figurative language unit where they learn all about eight different types of figures of speech: allusions, hyperboles, metaphors, onomatopoeia, oxymorons, personification, similes, and symbols!

This digital figures of speech bundle is designed for the secondary ELA classroom, and it runs on the Google platform. It contains direct-instruction teaching materials, guided student sketch notes, student practice worksheets, and hands-on task cards.

Each Digital Mini-Unit Contains:

  • a 19-slide Google Slides presentation (Slides)
  • digital sketch notes to accompany the presentation (Slides)
  • two practice worksheets with answer keys (Docs)
  • a scavenger hunt to use with any text (Docs)
  • 12 task cards with a recording sheet and answer key (Docs w/ images)
  • a 3-day suggested lesson plan

Each Google Slide Presentation Includes:

  • definitions for figurative language and symbol
  • real-world and literature-based examples
  • explanations
  • a whole-class student exercise

This unit will challenge students to not only identify and label figures of speech but to also go deeper and analyze and explain their meaning and effect on the audience. Furthermore, eight of the 12 task cards ask students to come up with symbols in their own writing based on a prompt.

Suggested Use: Incorporate one figurative mini-unit into your classroom instruction each week so that students gain a solid understanding of each figure of speech.

Original price was: $32.00.Current price is: $25.60.