Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary Pack: words, activities, and quizzes


Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary Unit: This Fahrenheit 451 vocab unit includes everything you will need to introduce your students to the vocabulary in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451.

There are three matching vocabulary quizzes, 60 vocabulary words and definitions, three crossword puzzles, and six double-sided graphic organizers (there are two for each part).

This download includes a zipped file containing three PDFs that each include:

– a teacher instruction page

– two word lists with 20 vocabulary words (one with and one without definitions)

– two different double-sided vocabulary graphic organizers

– a crossword puzzle to help students study

– a 20 question, matching vocabulary quiz

– answer key

The activities and graphic organizers in this packet are differentiated for a variety of students. Struggling readers, younger readers, ESL students, mainstream students, and honors students will all benefit from this packet.

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Ultimate Fahrenheit 451 Unit

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