End of the Year Journalism Award Certificates (Semi-Editable)


“This PowerPoint download contains 40 different end of the year journalism awards certificates that are semi-editable. There are two different kinds of awards: awards for winning a certain category, and awards acknowledging a student’s participation in journalism.

While the backgrounds are set, new graphics and text boxes can be added wherever you would like. For the awards I make for my journalism students, I add a text box for their name and then create a space for the principal’s and advisor’s signatures. I also placed our school’s initials inside of the ribbon. The options are endless!

The 40 Awards are:
– Best News Story
– Best News Feature Story
– Best Feature Story
– Best Sports News Story
– Best Sports Feature Story
– Best Entertainment Story
– Best Review
– Best Headline
– Best Editorial
– Best Opinion Writing- serious
– Best Opinion Writing- humorous
– Best News Photograph
– Best Sports Photograph
– Best Feature Photograph
– Best Graphic Design
– Best Layout
– Best Editorial Cartoon
– Most Valuable Staffer
– Most Valuable Editor
– Most Valuable Photographer
– Most Improved Writer
– Most Improved Interviewer
– Most Improved Photographer

Staff Acknowledgement Awards are:
– Editor-in-Chief
– Chief Editor
– Assistant Editor-in-Chief
– Assistant Editor
– Copy Editor
– Business Manager
– News Editor
– Assistant News Editor
– Sports Editor
– Assistant Sports Editor
– Op/Ed Editor
– A&E Editor
– Features Editor
– Student Life Editor
– Photographer
– Staff Reporter
– Staff Writer

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