Embedding Quotes: A Digital Lesson About Writing with Quotations


Embedding quotes in writing! Teach your students how to properly embed, cite, and explain quotes in their writing with this digital lesson! Students will learn four different ways to embed quotes in their writing

This resource includes a PDF with a link to two files:

– a 57-slide EDITABLE Google Slides presentation

– supplementary teaching materials, handouts, and class activities via Google Docs

The Google Files include:

– A 57-slide EDITABLE Google Slides presentation that directly instructs students onhow to properly embed quotes.

– An individual or group brainstorming activity to come up with other words to use instead of said.

– A student reference sheet that gives tips and examples for how to embed a quote

– Google practice worksheets for students to practice introducing quotes with the four ways taught in the PowerPoint. Three are from famous speeches and two are from literature.

– Answer keys to the brainstorming activity and identify and correct worksheets.