Email Etiquette Mini Unit | Digital & Traditional Print Bundle

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One of the best ways to help students succeed both in and out of a school setting is by teaching email etiquette. By teaching students how to write an email, they will know how to write an email to a teacher, boss, or superior. Email etiquette is an essential skill that students need to know, and after teaching this email etiquette unit, you’ll receive much more pleasant emails.

This email etiquette unit includes a™n instructional presentation and a variety of email etiquette activities to help your students learn the art of proper email communication.

This multi-day lesson includes an editable and animated PowerPoint presentation, suggested teaching guide, student reference guides and notes, and classroom activities that can be completed individually or collaboratively. After teaching this unit, your students will have proper email etiquette. This email etiquette unit is an ideal lesson to start out the new school year!

This email etiquette lesson includes:

  • 38-slide presentation (both digital Google™ and PowerPoint) to help you directly teach this concept to your students.
  • The presentation is engaging and interactive.
  • a PDF document with 15 usable classroom pages.
  • A Google Doc with editable student practice sheets
  • Email etiquette writing guide
  • Practice email corrections

After completing this lesson, your students will gain a better understanding of email etiquette, learn how to write a professional email, and will improve their college and career readiness.

This lesson was designed for upper-level high school students. However, the content is accessible and appropriate for middle and high school students.

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Original price was: $11.25.Current price is: $7.00.