ELA Test Prep Nonfiction Reading Escape Room Activity


Make test-prep fun! Help prepare your students for high-stakes standardized tests with this ELA Test Prep Nonfiction Reading Escape Room Activity.

This download includes teacher directions, student directions, and all of the printable resources necessary to hold an escape activity in your classroom. There are two different nonfiction passages included in this resource: one is used during the escape room and the other is for after the escape room as a follow-up activity.


Give students a copy of the nonfiction reading passage before beginning the escape room. Give them time to read and annotate the passage.


Students will complete four different test prep, nonfiction reading-focused ELA tasks that rely on answering questions that mirror state testing questions, finding appropriate evidence for specific questions, determining the meaning of more challenging words, and writing an objective summary. Students should be able to complete the escape room in one 55-minute class period.


Conclude the escape activity by reviewing the correct answers with your students. The multiple-choice question answer key comes with answer rationales so that you can explain to your students why the correct answers are correct.

After students complete the escape room challenge for the first nonfiction reading passage, there is a second nonfiction reading passage and a six-question test prep practice test to help ensure that students are better prepared for state testing.

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