ELA Essential Skills Review Bundle for High School (9-12)

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This ELA Essential Skills Review Bundle includes two five-week reviews: one for grades 9-10 and one for grades 11-12.

Each unit includes:

  • Five weeks of weekly recording sheets (in both daily and activity formats)
  • a PowerPoint presentation examples, definitions, and suggested answers for classroom review
  • Answer keys/suggested answer keys
  • Double-sided student notes

About the Resource

This ELA Essential Standard daily review activity is meant to be used as a five-week-long review unit. For ninth and tenth-grade students, this unit reviews the previous ELA standards from grade 8. For the 11th and 12th grade students, this unit reviews the previous ELA standards from grades 9-10.

Please Note: All of the language reviews are different. However, some of the writing and reading activities are the same since the standards are very similar.

With the two included formats (daily or activity), teachers have the choice of completing one review activity each day of the week on a standard Monday through Friday schedule, or teachers can use the activity schedule and go at their own pace each week.

Each daily activity should take no more than five to seven minutes total, making this review unit perfect to use as a bell ringer or exit ticket.

How to Use this Review Unit

Each activity on the recording sheet comes with an accompanying review slide with definitions and examples as well as a slide with answers or potential answers. Please note: since some of the content does repeat, you might have to go back a week to find the instructional slide.

At the start of the review activity, you’ll be able to show the instructional slide, provide students with time to complete the brief exercise, and then show the answer slide and discuss. Each activity contains just a couple of items for students to complete, so the activity does not take up too much time.

Works for summer school and/or back to school!

With five weeks of focused review, this ELA Essential Skills Review unit is an ideal unit to use during both summer school and at the beginning of the school year!

Standards Covered for 9-10

  • L.8.1a – verbals
  • L.8.1b – active and passive voice
  • L.8.2 – conventions
  • L.8.2a – comma, dash
  • L8.2b – ellipsis to indicate omission
  • L.8.5 – figures of speech
  • W.8.1 – argument writing
  • W.8.2 – informative/explanatory writing
  • W.8.3 – narrative writing
  • RL.8.1 – inference
  • RL.8.2 – theme
  • RI.8.2 – central idea

Standards Covered for 11-12

I carefully went through the list of standards for the prior year and scaffolded them throughout the five weeks.

  • L.9-10.1a – parallel structure
  • L.9-10.2 – conventions
  • L.9-10.2a – semicolons
  • L.9-10.2b – colons
  • L.9-10.5 – figures of speech
  • W.9-10.1 – argument writing
  • W.9-10.2 – informative/explanatory writing
  • W.9-10.3 – narrative writing
  • RL.9-10.1 – inference
  • RL.9-10.2 – theme
  • RI.9-10.2 – central idea

Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $16.00.