Editable Newsletter Style Class Syllabus


“Provide your students with an easy-to-read, one-page classroom syllabus that contains all of the important information they will need to know about your class.

This infographic class syllabus is completely editable and comes as a PowerPoint document. I’ve also included a page of instructions that include links to the free fonts you will need to purchase. The instructions also include pictures to show you how to edit the information in the pie chart.

There are four slightly different first pages. The syllabi pages include categories for course information, grading, tardy policy, cell phone, academic dishonesty, attendance, letters of recommendation, and digital classroom information. There are five different options for the 2nd page, the signature page. This page includes a space for student and guardian initials, as well as a signature. The bottom half of the paper includes a variation of a limited-use restroom pass, homework passes, and even blank space for you to include your own information (sometimes I like to include a movie permission slip here).

With this resource, you will need to have access to Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. You will also need to be able to download and install free fonts and change information in Excel to create a graph in PowerPoint. “