Earth Day Group Research Project


“This Earth Day Group Research Project is aligned with the common core standards and requires students to work together to create a research paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation. The final project includes a five paragraph research paper written and cited in MLA format and a PowerPoint presentation that is presented to class.

Assigning this group research project is a great way to familiarize students with the history of Earth Day, environmental legislation, and current environmental issues. It also capitalizes on collaborative learning and working together on a short research project.

This download includes:
– The research project assignment (PDF)
– Research topics (There are 4 different student handouts. Each has a slight variation to fit the unique needs of your class) (PDF)
– Group member evaluation forms (PDF)
– Teacher rubric with customizable point values (PDF)
– Editable example PowerPoint Template (PPT)

Keywords: Earth Day research project topic sustainable energy endangered animals clean air clean water Environmental Protection Agency EPA environment climate change global warming”