Digital Writing Unit: Writing in the Third Person (remote learning)


Help your students become better, stronger writers with this digital writing spotlight teaching unit that focuses on teaching students how to write in the third person.

Teach your students how to shift from a less formal first and second-person point-of-view in their writing to a commanding and strong third-person point-of-view with this Digital Writing Spotlight mini-unit. TThis Google-based writing unit for middle school ELA and high school English students includes teachable content and student resources to help your students improve strengthen their writing and shift their thinking from the first to the third-person POV.

In my opinion…” “I believe that…” “The author shows us…” “When you…” If you are tired of reading these phrases in student essays, this resource if for you! This unit explains WHY we write in the third person and show students HOW to make the shift.

This unit includes:

  • a 24 slide, editable Google Slides™ presentation for direct instruction and whole-class exercises
  • a Google Doc™ with 7 student exercises
  • Answer keys
  • Writing examples

Aiming to improve student writing, each Writing Spotlight unit focuses on one aspect of writing. I recommend that you incorporate these mini-unit spotlights into your instruction one at a time. Each time you assign a new, substantial writing assignment, incorporate a new Spotlight to create strong, confident writers.

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