Digital Writing Rubrics for secondary English (Distance Learning)


These digital secondary ELA writing rubrics are delivered via Google Docs and are 100% editable. You’ll save time and energy by using these rubrics throughout the year, and you’ll also develop a consistent routine for you and your students. This rubric resource contains five different writing rubrics for secondary English teachers.

This Digita Writing Rubrics resource is ideal for middle school and high school students and is optimized for digital learning, distance learning, and Google Classroom. SMARTePlans teaching units run on the Google platform. Digital sentence combing bell-ringers for remote learning!

Rubrics Included:

– Argument Writing Grading Rubric

– Informative/Explanatory Writing Grading Rubric

– Narrative Writing Grading Rubric

– Analyzing Theme Writing Grading Rubric

– Research Essay Writing Grading Rubric

Since these rubrics are delivered via Google Docs, they are completely editable. You can change and modify each rubric to suit your own classroom needs.

*If you have previously purchased my traditional writing rubric bundle, please contact me about obtaining a discount for this resource.