Digital Growth Mindset Digital Escape Room – Distance Learning


Engage your students in a growth mindset conversation with a digital escape room activity! This escape room will help your students see the benefits of perseverance, commitment, and achievement.

This Digital Growth Mindset Digital Escape Room resource is ideal for middle school and high school students and is optimized for digital learning, distance learning, and Google Classroom. SMARTePlans teaching units run on the Google platform. Digital sentence combing bell-ringers for remote learning!

This download includes teacher directions for Google Forms, and a link to the student breakout form.

Task 1

Students complete a close read on an informational text about Growth Mindset and answer four multiple-choice questions.

Task 2

Students test their knowledge about successful people and their famous failures.

Task 3

Students learn about the differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, and students sort different thought processes into one of the two categories.

Task 4

Students decode a growth mindset quote.


Students reflect on what they learned and set a short-term and long-term goal.

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