Digital Greek Mythology Interactive Notebook for Distance Learning


Go digital with your next Greek Mythology unit with this digital Greek Mythology Interactive Notebook.

This Digital Greek Mythology Interactive Notebook resource is ideal for middle school and high school students and is optimized for digital learning, distance learning, and Google Classroom. SMARTePlans teaching units run on the Google platform. Digital sentence combing bell-ringers for remote learning!

This resource includes a link to a Google Slide document that contains 6 different graphic organizers to use while you read any Greek myths of your choice and 25 different, specific digital character analysis organizers. Three of the organizers are completely customizable! One organizer can be used over and over again to analyze each myth you read, and there are are two template organizers (one for male characters and one for female characters) to customize your instruction even more!

The six graphic organizers:

1. There is digital Greek Mythology KWL chart for students to track their prior Greek mythology knowledge as they work through the unit.

2. There is a Mt. Olympus organizer that asks students about Mt. Olympus. This organizer includes a space for teachers to customize it to their classrooms.

3. There are two organizers (one for female characters and one for male characters) that ask students to characterize a chosen character. Teachers can specify that this be a god, goddess, beast, hero, heroine, or mythological creature.

4. There is an Olympian god and goddess chart

5. There is a Greek/Roman god and goddess counterpart chart

6. There is an organizer that students and teachers can copy and paste to keep track of all the Greek myths they read.

Included Digital Greek Mythology Character Organizers:

1. Achilles

2. Icarus

3. King Midas

4. Medusa

5. Odysseus

6. Orpheus

7. Pandora

8. Pegasus

9. Ares

10. Artemis

11. Atlas

12. Chronos

13. Demeter

14. Hermes

15. Perseus

16. Prometheus

17. Telemachus

18. The Sirens

19. Zeus

20. Poseidon

21. Athena

22. hera

23. Oedipus

24. Agamemnon

25. Hector

26. Blank male template

27. Blank female template

With these 25 different digital character analysis graphic organizers and the two templates, teachers have a lot of room to customize their instruction with just a little bit of modification. Since this is a Google Slides resource, teachers can copy and paste slides to add more content, and even delete slides that are not necessary.

This resource includes these two Greek Mythology SMARTePlans Units:

SMARTePlans Digital Greek Mythology Graphic Organizers

SMARTePlans Digital Greek Mythology Character Analysis Graphic Organizers

This resource is included in my 2017 SMARTePlans Membership Bundle

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SMARTePlans are digital, Google-based, interactive lessons for the technology-driven classroom.

Why Choose SMARTePlans?

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This digital interactive ePlan includes teacher instructions (GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive) and a link to 23 slides of digital Greek mythology graphic organizers.

Your students will LOVE this digital resource, and you will see their writing improve.

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