Digital Greek and Latin Root Words Unit – 20 Weeks

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Teaching Greek & Latin root words is fun and engaging with this digital vocabulary unit! This Greek & Latin root word vocabulary program runs on the Google™ platform and includes 10 weeks and 100 words for a complete vocabulary study!

For each of the ten included Greek root words and ten Latin root words, this vocabulary unit includes an instructional slide for vocabulary instruction, a daily vocabulary exercise to help you make a routine of learning root word vocabulary, a hands-on activity, and an end-of-week quiz. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 20 23-slide editable Google Slides™ presentations with instructions for Monday-Friday
  • 200 vocabulary words with definitions
  • 20 weeks of Google Docs™ daily vocabulary recording sheets
  • 20 Google Slides vocabulary sort activities
  • Weekly vocabulary quizzes on Google Forms™

Your students will love learning vocabulary with this method because it will take the stress out of vocabulary. Rather than needing to study words and lists at home the night before the quiz, students will have worked with the vocabulary words a little bit each day to learn the words and their meaning authentically. Your students will love how easily these vocabulary words come to them with the help of the daily activities. 

The daily activities are short, and take no more than 5-10 minutes a class period. This vocabulary program is perfect for a bell ringer or exit ticket for your classroom!

This vocabulary program is a routine:

  • Monday: Take pre-test, learn words
  • Tuesday: Draw a visual representation
  • Wednesday: Create a word web
  • Thursday: Reflect on the word
  • Friday: Final quiz, record score

This Greek & Latin root word vocabulary unit includes these roots:

  1. anti-
  2. auto-
  3. chrono-
  4. doc-
  5. dyna-
  6. geo-
  7. logos-
  8. phon-
  9. photo-
  10. schem-
  11. bene-, bon-
  12. dict-
  13. fac-, fect-
  14. form-
  15. ject-
  16. mal-
  17. rupt-
  18. scrib-, script-
  19. spect-
  20. voc-

Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $45.00.