Digital Grammar Review Activities: Colon, Semicolon, Hyphen, Parallel Structure


Review essential ELA content with your students. This remote learning mini grammar review resource bundle includes both Google Forms and Google Docs formats.

There are four mini-review activities in this resource:

1. The Semicolon

2. The Colon

3. The Hyphen

4. Parallel Structure

Each activity should take about 15-20 minutes for students to complete. These digital ELA review activities are ideal for a brief review, a do-now activity, or an introduction to grammar. Students will be able to use the informational sheet for future reference.

Each File Contains:

  • Instructions for using Google Forms
  • A one-page review handout
  • 4 standards-based, test prep questions
  • Answers for the four questions.

About the Questions:

1. Select the sentence with the correct usage.

2. Select two sentences from a passage with incorrect usage.

3. Use the mentor sentence to write your own.

4. Fix the incorrect sentence.

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