Digital Email Etiquette: How to Write an Email to Teachers-Distance Learning


This digital email etiquette teaching unit is optimized for online learning, distance learning, and Google Classroom. With electronic communication on the rise, teaching email etiquette and how to properly communicate via email is an essential skill all students need to know.

Even more so, students need to know how to properly write an email to teachers, prospective employers, bosses, and other esteemed members of the community.

This multi-day lesson includes a 38-slide Google Slide presentation, and a Google Doc containing a suggested teaching guide, student reference guides and notes, and classroom activities that can be completed individually or collaboratively. After teaching this unit, your students will have proper email etiquette.

This resource includes:

– 38-slide Google Slide Deck to help you directly teach this concept to your students. You will not need to download or install any fonts.

– a Google Doc document multiple student practice assignments.

This lesson was designed for upper-level high school students. However, the content is accessible and appropriate for middle and high school students.