Digital ELA Academic Vocabulary Bundle (25 weeks of ELA-focused vocab)

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This digital academic vocabulary bundle runs on the Google platform and includes all 5 of the ELA-specific digital Academic Vocabulary units!

ELA-Specific Academic Vocabulary:
Volume 1: Words and Informational Text and Argument Writing

Volume 2: Words about Fiction and Narrative Writing

Volume 3: Words about Research

Volume 4: Words about Poetry

Volume 5: Literary Devices and Figures of Speech

Help your students learn important content with this Academic Vocabulary Teaching Unit! These ELA Academic Vocabulary Units are designed to help your secondary ELA students succeed in class and on standardized tests.

Each academic vocabulary includes 5 weeks of instruction and includes 25 academic vocabulary words relating to literary devices and figures of speech. Each week, students are introduced to five words at a time. Students receive a weekly academic vocabulary recording sheet where they focus on the five words in a new way each week. This resource works great as a vocabulary bell ringer or vocabulary exit ticket.

This Academic Vocabulary Bunde Includes 5 PDF files, each with 13 links:

  • A link to a 52-slide, editable Google Slides presentation that explains the vocabulary routine and contains the words and definitions.
  • A link to each weekly academic vocabulary recording sheet
  • A link to each weekly 5-question (matching terms and definitions), self-grading quiz on Google Forms
  • A link to a digital Academic Vocabulary BINGO game card
  • A link to a final 25-question (matching terms and definitions), self-grading test on Google Forms

Weekly Academic Vocabulary Routine

  • Monday: Students take a pretest (via the Google Slides presentation), record the words and definitions, and assess their own knowledge.
  • Tuesday: Students include a visual representation for each of the five vocabulary words,
  • Wednesday: Students make vocabulary associations and create a word web for the words.
  • Thursday: Students write a reflection summary about what they learned about the words.
  • Friday: Students take a weekly quiz that matches up the vocabulary word with the definition.

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Original price was: $49.50.Current price is: $34.65.