Digital Colon and Semicolon Teaching Unit for Distance Learning


Teach your students all about the colon and semicolon with this digital punctuation teaching unit! This unit covers when to use the colon and semicolon and when not to use the punctuation marks in regards to lists, introducing a quote, joining two independent clauses, and more.

This digital punctuation teaching unit runs on the Google platform and includes a pre-assessment, direct instruction material, digital colon and semicolon practice worksheets, a colon and semicolon student reference page, and a post-assessment.

This colons and semicolons teaching resource includes:

– a 32 slide EDITABLE & animated Google Slides presentation

– a pretest in Google Forms to assess students’ understanding

– printable doodle notes for students to record their learning

– 8 digital apostrophe worksheets in Google Docs

– answer keys and self-grading Google Forms