Descriptive Writing Mini-Unit: Writing with Strong Verbs, Adjective, and Adverbs


Help your students improve their writing dramatically with strategic writing exercises that get them to think about writing with strong verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. This descriptive writing mini-unit will help your students step-by-step with an editable PowerPoint and captivating visual images.

There are two different files in the zipped download.

– An editable, 45 slide PowerPoint

– A PDF document with supplementary materials.

The multi-day PowerPoint shows students through direct instruction and multiple guided practices how to write descriptively. The PowerPoint teaches about adjectives, adverbs, strong verbs, figurative language, imagery, and more.

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SMARTePlans Descriptive Writing Activities Unit (Digital Google & Traditional)

This resource is included in three money-saving bundles:

Secondary English Curriculum: Common Core – Grades 7-10

Ultimate Writing Bundle for Secondary English

Ultimate Narrative Writing and Short Story Unit Bundle (Grades 7-12)

The supplementary material includes:

– A two page standards-based unit outline

– Multiple writing activities that focus on figurative language, selecting strong and powerful words, imagery, avoiding dead words, and more

– Flexibility to cater to individual student needs

– Options for color or black and white photos

– A final descriptive writing paragraph assignment

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