Blank Verse and Iambic Pentameter Made Easy


“Blank Verse and Iambic Pentameter: This lesson includes an editable, 13 page PowerPoint presentation about blank verse and iambic pentameter and a PDF document with four different blank verse assignments and resources.

The PowerPoint is color-coded and visually stimulating. I use this every year in my classes when I am introducing Shakespeare. It is prefect for Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and more. The example work that accompanies this PowerPoint comes from Romeo and Juliet.

The PowerPoint is editable, so that you can customize it for your own class.

One of the assignments asks students to identify blank verse in the text, and the other one is a creative writing assignment.

Even though I made this resource for my ESL students, it works very well with younger readers and more advanced students.

This download is included in a bundle:
Ultimate Romeo and Juliet Differentiation Bundle

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