Associated Press (AP) Style Writing Bundle: An Intro to Journalistic Writing

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Writing journalistically for either newspaper or yearbook is quite different than writing a paper for English class. With this AP Style teaching bundle, your student journalists will learn the fundamentals of AP Style writing and how to write for a scholastic journalism class.

This journalism unit includes a variety of resources to help your students learn the basics of AP Style, and it includes materials for direct instruction, student practice, and assessment!

This AP style journalism writing unit includes the following items:

  • a 38-slide PowerPoint presentation for direct instruction
  • AP Style sketchnotes
  • lesson guide to help assist journalism advisers
  • AP style practice worksheet: state abbreviations
  • AP writing practice worksheet: dates
  • AP writing practice worksheet: times
  • AP writing practice worksheet: writing practice
  • AP style quiz
  • AP style quiz: state abbreviations
  • AP style quiz: dates
  • AP style quiz: times
  • Foldable AP style student reference flip book

The presentation for direct instruction covers the basic of AP Style including ages, composition titles, dates, days of the week, monetary units, names, numbers, percentages, punctuation, states, and time.

Includes 2020 AP Style guide updates

This lesson is ideal for any middle school or high school journalism or yearbook class.

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Original price was: $9.25.Current price is: $8.50.