Argument Writing Unit (Digital & Print) Distance Learning

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This digital argument writing unit includes my traditional argument writing unit and my digital argument writing resource that works with Google Drive!

The digital SMARTePlans version includes:

– ePlan teacher instructions (GoogleDrive and Microsoft OneDrive)

– a link to 15 slides of argument writing instruction

– assignment handout, multiple graphic organizers, outlines, peer editing and self check forms, and an interactive rubric.

The traditional argument writing teaching unit includes:

– An engaging and editable, 25 slide PowerPoint

– A PDF document with supplementary materials.

The PowerPoints is a multi-day presentation that teaches students about the basics of argumentative writing and informational texts. This lesson covers the differences between persuasive and argumentative writing, purpose, audience, tone, diction, and the rhetorical triangle. It also includes a guided practice for identifying elements of the rhetorical triangle in President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. After teaching students about the basics of informational texts, the PowerPoint guides students through the steps of writing an argumentative essay.

The supplementary material includes:

– Two informational text activities (one for the rhetorical triangle and one for diction)

– An argumentative essay assignment with a link to 200 possible topics

Two different graphic organizers that help students develop a thesis and a counterclaim

– Two argument essay outlines

– An easy-to-understand peer review worksheet

– Two different grading rubrics (one with set and one with fill-in-the-blank points values)

This bundle contains these resources:

SMARTePlans Digital Argument Writing Unit for Google Drive

Argument Writing Unit for Secondary ELA

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Original price was: $17.49.Current price is: $12.99.