Argument Writing: Hot Topics and Controversial Issues (Print + Digital)

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Guide your students through a controversial issues argument paper.

This download includes everything you need to assign a controversial issues essay to your students!


Essay Assignment Sheet

List of More than 50 Controversial Issues

List of Rhetorical Devices

List of Logical Fallacies

Organizers for a Mini Classroom Debate

Multiple Brainstorming and Researching Organizers

Essay Writing Organizers

Essay Outlines for a 5-Paragraph Essay

Essay Outlines for a non-5-Paragraph Essay

Peer Editing

Grading Rubric


This SMARTePlans digital argument paper can be completed online via Google Slides, and it includes a completely editable assignment sheet and grading rubric so that you can differentiate the assignment and specialize it for your own classroom needs.

Resource Page Breakdown

1. Assignment Outline Page version 1 (full assignment)

2. Controversial topic list

3. List of rhetorical devices

4. List of logical fallacies

5. List of logical fallacies (continued)

6. Controversial mini-debate organizer

7. Controversial mini-debate organizer pg. 2

8. Brainstorming organizer

9. Evidence tracker

10. Thesis organizer

11. Building a strong argument

12. Arguing with appeals

13. Counter argument

14. Outline 1

15. Outline 2

16. Outline 3

17. Rubric

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Original price was: $9.50.Current price is: $5.50.