Argument Essay Unit – Student Choice #2 – Four Topics

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“Argument Essay/Argument Writing Unit. Engage your students with this student choice argumentative essay unit that includes four engaging topics for student to write about.

This unit provides teachers with flexibility when assigning an argument essay. Teachers can either assign this argument essay as a singular essay where students choose one of the four provided topics, or teachers can use this resource throughout the year and assign four individual argument essays.

Essay topics
Standardized Testing
Legal Smoking Age
College Tuition
Collegiate Athlete Pay

This common core aligned argument essay includes everything you need from initial research on the topic to the grading rubric. This assignment is ideal for students in grades 6-12.

This zipped file contains all PDF documents:
– A teacher suggestion page
– An argument essay assignment sheet containing all topics
– An argument essay assignment sheet with individual topics
– Prewriting organizer
– Textual evidence organizer
– Thesis graphic organizer
– Counterclaim graphic organizer
– Two different essay outlines
– Peer edit form
– 100 point argument essay rubric
– Fill-in-the-blank essay rubric
– sources documents for each topic

This resource includes these argument writing units:
Argument Essay Unit – Do students take too many standardized tests?
Argument Essay Unit – Should the Age to Purchase Tobacco be Raised?
Argument Essay Unit – Should State College be Tuition-Free?
Argument Essay Unit – Should College Athletes be Paid to Play?

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Original price was: $16.00.Current price is: $13.00.