AP Style (Associated Press) Writing Mini Flip Book Student Reference Guide


This is an AP Style Student Reference Guide mini flip book for middle school and high school journalism and yearbook students. The reference guide includes covers the basic of AP Style including ages, composition titles, dates, days of the week, monetary units, names, numbers, percentages, punctuation, states, and time.

This is an ideal resource for any middle school or high school newspaper or yearbook class.

UPDATED 7/2/21: Includes updated 2020 AP style guide information for states and percent. I also included a couple more examples.

UPDATED 6/4/19: I reformatted this reference guide to be a mini flip book. It contains the same information, but I’ve added a couple of new examples.

Get this resource and an accompanying lesson and classroom activities:

Associated Press (AP) Style Writing: An Introduction to Journalistic Writing

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