Annotating Text (nonfiction): step-by-step text annotation & close reading


Teaching students how to annotate text is an integral part of the common core curriculum. This text annotation resource includes everything you need to teach your middle and high school students how to properly annotate informational text.

There are two different files in the zipped download.

– An editable, 23 slide PowerPoint

– A PDF document with supplementary materials.

The PowerPoints walk students step-by-step through the annotating process. It also includes a guided practice of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and a corresponding key.

The supplementary material includes:

– A student annotation guide reference sheet (color and B&W)

– Student reference bookmarks (color and B&W)

– A full-text annotation exercise (The Gettysburg Address)

– A key for the annotation exercise

– Student note pages

This resource was updated on June 16, 2015. If you’ve purchased this lesson before, please download it again to receive the update!

*****This lesson is included in FOUR different bundles*****

Annotating Made Easy BUNDLE

Secondary English Curriculum: Common Core – Grades 7-10

Ultimate Writing Bundle for Secondary English

Ultimate Argument Writing Bundle (Grades 7-12)

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