Animal Farm Activities and Assignments for Every Chapter


Animal Farm Activities for Every Chapter: Engage your students as you read Animal Farm with these chapter activities and writing prompts. This 25-page document includes 21 pages filled with different common core aligned classroom activities to use to help students understand and analyze George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm.

UPDATE 5/10/22: Resource now includes answer keys

Included in this packet:

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 1 Activities – Rhetorical Analysis

  • Analyzing Major’s Speech
  • Full Text of Major’s Speech
  • Questions to Answer as You Read
  • Rhetorical Triangle Analysis
  • Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Analysis
  • Diction Analysis

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 2 Activities

  • Characterization
  • Cause and Effect
  • Explanatory Writing

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 3 Activity

  • Argument Writing

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 4 Activity

  • Understanding Allegory

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 5 Activity

  • Snowball vs. Napoleon

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 6 Activities

  • Understanding Symbolism
  • Explanatory Writing

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 7 Activity

  • Characterization

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 8 Activities

  • The Battle of the Windmill
  • Making Predictions

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 9 Activity

  • Argument Writing

⭐️ Animal Farm Chapter 10 Activity

  • Understanding Irony

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