Analyzing Literature Task Cards for Any Novel: Novel Review Task Cards


These response to literature task cards cover theme, motif, setting, conflict, characterization, and more, and they work with any piece of fiction and are the perfect way to review a novel with your students.

There are two sets of task cards each included in this resource. The first set includes 8 task cards. This set is designed to engage students in the novel before you read it. The second set includes 40 task cards that are ideal for reviewing literary elements and the novel you read in class.

Included in this resource are four sets of student directions for differentiation. These directions work for groups or individuals. Furthermore, one set of directions adds more rigor by requiring students to support their answers with a quote from the text.

This resource also includes two different answer recording sheets, and suggested ways to use task cards in the classroom.

UPDATED: I updated this resource on 7/18/2019 to alleviate the duplicate task card issue.

Additional Task Card Resources

This resource is sold as a secured PDF file. There is a complete listing of set 2’s questions in the preview.