Academic Vocabulary Volume 6 (Digital & Print)

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This Academic Vocabulary Volume #6: CCSS High-Frequency Words contains the DIGITAL and PRINT versions of the resource.

Help your students learn important content with this Academic Vocabulary Teaching Unit! This High-Frequency Academic Vocabulary Unit is designed to help your secondary ELA students succeed in class and on standardized tests.

This academic vocabulary includes 5 weeks of digital and traditional-print instruction and includes 25 academic vocabulary words relating to informational texts and argument writing. Each week, students are introduced to five words at a time. Students receive a weekly academic vocabulary recording sheet where they focus on the five words in a new way each week. This resource works great as a vocabulary bell ringer or vocabulary exit ticket.

This Academic Vocabulary Resource Includes Print and Digital Formats:

  • A 52-slide, PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation that explains the vocabulary routine and contains the words and definitions
  • A secured PDF document with quizzes, activities, and weekly vocabulary recording pages
  • Google Documents with digital student activities
  • Google Forms for weekly and cumulative self-graded assessments

Weekly Academic Vocabulary Routine

  • Monday: Students take a pretest (via the PPT), record the words and definitions, and assess their own knowledge.
  • Tuesday: Students draw a visual representation for each of the five vocabulary words,
  • Wednesday: Students make vocabulary associations and create a word web for the words.
  • Thursday: Students write a reflection summary about what they learned about the words.
  • Friday: Students take a weekly quiz that matches up the vocabulary word with the definition.

Culminating Academic Vocabulary Activities

  • After completing the 5-week vocabulary routine, students take a 25-question final test where they match all of the words to their correct definitions. There are several vocabulary activities to help students prepare for the final test.
  • 25-word Crossword Puzzle (print, only)
  • 25-word Vocabulary table-match (print, only)
  • Academic Vocabulary BINGO review game (digital and print)

Original price was: $10.50.Current price is: $6.00.