Academic Vocabulary Volume 1: Informational Texts and Argument Writing


Help your students learn important content with this Academic Vocabulary Teaching Unit! This Informational Text and Argument Writing Vocabulary Unit is a five-week academic vocabulary program designed to help your secondary ELA students succeed in class and on standardized tests. Plus, it contains both the print and digital teaching materials!

This academic vocabulary includes 5 weeks of instruction and includes 25 academic vocabulary words relating to informational texts and argument writing. Each week, students are introduced to five words at a time. Students receive a weekly academic vocabulary recording sheet where they focus on the five words in a new way each week. This resource works great as a vocabulary bell ringer or vocabulary exit ticket.

This Academic Vocabulary Resource Includes Three Files:

  • A 52-slide, editable PowerPoint presentation that explains the vocabulary routine and contains the words and definitions.
  • A secured PDF document with quizzes, activities, and weekly vocabulary recording pages.
  • A PDF document with a link to 13 Google® resources

The Digital Resource includes these links:

  • 5 weeks of digital recording sheets
  • 5 weeks of digital weekly quizzes using self-grading Google Forms®
  • Google Slides® instructional slides

Weekly Academic Vocabulary Routine

  • Monday: Students take a pretest (via the PPT), record the words and definitions, and assess their own knowledge.
  • Tuesday: Students draw a visual representation for each of the five vocabulary words,
  • Wednesday: Students make vocabulary associations and create a word web for the words.
  • Thursday: Students write a reflection summary about what they learned about the words.
  • Friday: Students take a weekly quiz that matches up the vocabulary word with the definition.

Culminating Academic Vocabulary Activities

  • After completing the 5-week vocabulary routine, students take a 25-question final test where they match all of the words to their correct definitions. There are several vocabulary activities to help students prepare for the final test.
  • 25-word Crossword Puzzle
  • 25-word Vocabulary table-match
  • Academic Vocabulary BINGO review game

Save with the Academic Vocabulary Bundle:

Ultimate Academic Vocabulary Bundle

This vocabulary unit includes 25 academic vocabulary words relating to informational texts and argument writing.

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