Academic Vocabulary Unit: Year-long vocab program with activities & quizzes

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Revolutionize the way you engage your students with vocabulary with this year-long academic vocabulary program! If you find yourself dreading, or even avoiding, including vocabulary in your middle school ELA or high school English curriculum, this vocabulary unit is for you!

This academic vocabulary unit is filled with engaging vocabulary activities, and it is designed to help prepare secondary ELA students to succeed in your English class.

This Academic Vocabulary Program Includes:

  • 45 weeks of dedicated vocabulary instruction
  • Daily vocabulary activities
  • 9 different thematic groupings of ELA-specific content vocabulary
  • Vocabulary presentations for whole-class instruction
  • Print AND digital materials for easy integration
  • BONUS FILE: Editable vocab template PowerPoint

You will love implementing this new vocabulary program into your secondary ELA classroom. Students will drastically improve their vocabulary.

Prep is quick and easy… Print out the weekly recording sheet and display the presentation for students. Each day of the week, have students complete the short, daily task. This program is no stress vocabulary!

This Academic Vocabulary Program Includes 9 Units:

  1. Academic Vocabulary Volume 1: Informational Texts and Argument Writing
  2. Academic Vocabulary Volume 2: Fiction and Narrative Writing
  3. Academic Vocabulary Volume 3: Words about Research
  4. Academic Vocabulary Volume 4: Words about Poetry
  5. Academic Vocabulary Volume 5: Literary Devices and Figures of Speech
  6. Academic Vocabulary Volume 6: High-Frequency CCSS Words #1
  7. Academic Vocabulary Volume 7: High-Frequency CCSS Words #2
  8. Academic Vocabulary Volume 8: High-Frequency CCSS Words #3
  9. Academic Vocabulary Volume 9: High-Frequency CCSS Words #4

Each unit includes:

  • 2 word lists (one without and one with definitions)
  • Four differentiated activities (vocab chart, table match, crossword puzzle, and a BINGO game card)
  • 25-question matching quiz with answer key


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Natalie D. says, “I appreciated having this resource to help students review and re-review important concepts in the English classroom. It worked well to both introduce review concepts at the beginning of the year, and return to important concepts as we continued to work through the year and the resource. It is an in-depth review, but also manageable for students since the work is all done on one page. There is a lot of flexibility to the resource as well since the powerpoint with the answers is editable, so you can remove the answer slides, and go through the powerpoint when first assigning a page, and then again when you correct.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jody K. says, “Again, another quality lesson from The Daring English Teacher. I loved this because I could use it as a bell ringer. I could choose which type of words I wanted to use when so they best fit what I was teaching at that time. Easy to access and ready to go. No extra work tweaking. I am glad I purchased this.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Nicole C. says, The fact that this is broken up by topic is WONDERFUL! I am able to cater vocabulary to what we are working on in class whether that be Research Writing, Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc. These activities make for a great bell ringer while attendance is being taken and to get kids to start thinking about the days objectives.


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Original price was: $63.00.Current price is: $45.00.