My Amazon Favorites: Teacher Favorites on Amazon

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As a high school English teacher, I have so many teacher favorites on Amazon that I love using in my classroom and at home. To see a complete listing of these items, please visit my Amazon Store Front.

Teacher Favorites on Amazon: Resources for a Classroom Wishlist

Have you every heard that phrase that it takes a village? Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t thin that village needs to go away after elementary school. As a high school English teacher, I have a running Amazon Classroom Wishlist that I share with parents. This wishlist is filled with items that I only use in the classroom with the students. More specifically, these items are for the students to use.

Check out my Amazon Storefront Category for classroom wishlist items! From pens to pencils to student rewards, this wishlist has been a life saver in stocking up my classroom!

Teacher Favorites on Amazon: Secondary ELA PD Books

If you are looking for teacher professional development books that are geared toward middle school ELA and high school English teachers, I’ve got just the blog post for you. Make sure you read this blog post about 10 Secondary ELA Teacher PD Books to Read.

Once you read those books, you can also head on over to my Amazon Storefront Category for ELA teacher PD books where I have carefully curated a long list of books for middle school ELA and high school English teachers.

Please note that all of these Amazon links are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission for any purchases made through these links.