Teaching Speak: 10 Activities to Use While Teaching Speak

Speak is one of those powerful reads that, unfortunately, many students relate to. If not from personal experiences mirroring the main character, the reality of dealing with trauma and the fallout of PTSD, depression, and other ostracizing events. Teaching Speak, though, can be a challenging task. It becomes a deeply personal and empathetic read, so I make an effort to include it in my reading list throughout the year. Read on for activities and ideas to try in your own classroom.

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Close Reading Strategies That Work: 5 Ways to Teach Close Reading in Secondary ELA

Close reading is an integral and essential component of the common core standards. Close reading asks students to not only read a text for basic comprehension and understanding, but to really read the text, dig deeply into the text, and make connections with the text. Here is a look at close reading strategies that are effective and engaging in the middle school ELA and high school English classroom. 

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