What Your School Librarian Wants You to Know

What Your School Librarian Wants You to Know

Sometimes the best way to improve your classroom is by stepping out of it…and walking down the hall to the library. Your school’s library has a vast number of resources just waiting for you and your students to take advantage of. Most importantly, your librarian is there to help with all of your classroom needs. Here are a few things to know about your school’s library.

Electronic Resources

School libraries have access to many online and downloadable resources such as eBooks and audiobooks. Your librarian can help you or your students find electronic sources to support your curriculum. Libraries also subscribe to many online databases that can be a huge help for your class research projects.

Research Help

As previously stated, libraries have access to electronic materials, and they love doing collaborative lessons on how to execute a research project properly. Librarians are research experts and can help your students find reliable, peer-reviewed sources. They can also help teach students how to do proper citations. Make sure you keep your librarian up to date on what you’re doing in your classroom so they can find materials to support you and your students.

What Your School Librarian Wants You to Know

Interlibrary Loan

If you can’t find a specific resource for your classroom, ask your librarian! Your school’s library has access to materials through interlibrary. This means that they can receive materials from other school districts, public libraries, and even colleges and universities. If it’s a book that you believe should be in your own school’s circulation, let your librarian know. They are always excited to hear your ideas on books that may enhance the library’s collection.

The Library Space

Your school’s library is more than a study hall. Libraries include space and computers for classroom use. Talk to your librarian about using the space that is intended for you. They would love to collaborate on a lesson with you, and the library is a great place full of helpful materials for you to teach a lesson.

Know Your Librarian

Like you, your librarian is a certified individual who is ready and excited to help educate students. They are always eager to help provide you with resources and collaborate on projects. Their sole purpose is not to provide you with a break. They are educators just like you.

What Your School Librarian Wants You to Know



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