Teachers and Summertime

At this point in summer, we teachers have recovered from our previous school year, but don’t quite have to worry about the upcoming year. For some of us it is still two months away, and for others we still have about a month remaining. Personally, I find this is the best time to set new goals! I want to walk you through mine, and light the fire so you can find yours.

  1. Find what makes me unhappy. You may find this is a weird place to start, and maybe it is! However, I know I’ll never leave unhappiness behind until I know what drives it! For me, unhappiness begin when I feel I lose control. Whether that means in my health, my social schedule, or in the classroom, I need to be in the driver’s seat. As a goal for my upcoming year, I’m going to work improving my relationships with my students, as well as challenging them throughout the year.

  1. Find what makes me happy! From big things to little things, they all make a difference. It could be going on a weekend getaway or just going on an evening walk. Any time I am able to disconnect and find my own space I am feeding my happiness. Looking forward, I want to implement time for happiness for myself and my students. Sometimes this presents itself as a time away from all electronics just enjoying my surroundings.

  1. Find what inspires me! As often as Pinterest gives me new ideas, I love finding new forms of inspiration. I have quite a few different Pinterest boards that are filled with many different back-to school ideas and resources. I strive to find more and new resources around me. I plan to discuss with and learn from my fellow teachers. Asking questions and trying new things within my classroom will relight my inspiration fire. Finally, I hope to learn from my students and let their creativity blossom in the upcoming year!

These are my summer goals! Yours may be different, and I would love to hear about them and your plan to tackle them. Keep enjoying your summer and looking forward to the upcoming year!



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