Scheduling Posts in Google Classroom

Scheduling assignments in Google Classroom - 1:1 classroom tips

I love using Google Classroom with my classes. Not only is Google Classroom intuitive for teachers, but the students can also easily interact with it. As much as I love Google Classroom though, I loathe having to post all of my assignments and discussions in real-time. As a person who likes to plan things out in advance, this is very frustrating. However, just this month, Google updated its Google Classroom platform to allow teachers to schedule posts in advance.


Now, teachers using Google Classroom can pre-load all of their assignments, content, surveys, forms, questions, and whatever else they could possibly imagine at their own convenience. I usually like to plan a week or so in advance, and now I will be able to plan AND schedule all of my digital content at the same time.

Scheduling assignments in Google Classroom - 1:1 classroom tips

Scheduling a post in Google Classroom is super easy. Simply upload the assignment or other content as you usually would, and then click the downward facing arrow in the lower right-hand corner. Now, there is an option to “schedule” your posts. You can schedule assignments out as far in advance as you would like.

Once you select the “schedule” option, a pop-up window with a calendar will appear. You can select the day and time in which you would like to schedule your post. You just have to make sure that you set the due date to a date after you plan on scheduling your assignment.

Scheduling assignments in Google Classroom - 1:1 classroom tips

I am so excited about this new update to Google Classroom. I typically like to plan my instruction a week at a time, and this allows me to do so. I can preload an entire week’s worth of assignments, Google-drive resources, and discussion questions at once.



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