How I Use Pinterest as an Educator

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Like so many other teachers, I LOVE Pinterest. From
classroom décor, to lesson plans, to behavior management, Pinterest has
everything (and then some) that a teacher could ask for. And while Pinterest can be a treasure chest filled to the brim with clever ideas, it can also be a bit intimidating as well. I remember feeling the stress of planning my son’s first birthday party. I blame the hours upon hours I spent looking at top-notch Pinterest birthday parties. While browsing through Pinterest (whether it be for teaching ideas, wedding decor, birthday party ideas, or anything else), it is important to not compare.

As a secondary English teacher, I use Pinterest almost daily
to look for ways to improve my lessons, hone my teaching craft, and decorate my
classroom. With the latter being my favorite. Follow me on Pinterest HERE! 

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is my Classroom
Inspiration board. Before discovering how teaching and Pinterest work
hand-in-hand, I just simply purchased some writing process posters at a big-box
teacher store, stapled them to my (otherwise rather bare) walls, and called it
a day. That isn’t happening anymore, and I’m really excited to completely redo
my classroom this year.

Secondary teachers can use Pinterest to find fun, colorful, and age-appropriate
ways to decorate their classrooms. Check out all of the secondary classroom
décor ideas I’ve pinned to my Classroom Inspiration board.

Another board I use a lot is my Secondary ELA Resources
board. While I occasionally pin some of my Teachers Pay Teachers resources to
this board, I try to mostly pin free lessons, innovative ideas, and helpful
strategies that compliment what I teach in my own classroom. Whenever I’m
looking for complimentary resources for a common core lesson I’m teaching, I’ll
go back and look at this board to see if I can find anything that is useful for

Check out all of the secondary English teaching resources
and ideas I’ve pinned to my Secondary ELA Resources board.  

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  • Your boards look great and you are so organized! That is such a great skill to teach our students, and you are doing it with technology to boot! 😉

  • OOOHH I am definitely going to get lost in your inspiration board tonight for decorating!! 🙂 Love it. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love that board. I implemented a couple ideas in my own classroom this year and I am so thrilled with the outcome.

  • What? A high school English teacher who decorates?? JUST kidding… good for you for wanting an attractive learning environment for your learners too! I'm not that great in the decor department personally (I teach grade 8 French Language arts & social studies) but I do try! I'l have to look for what new ideas I can incorporate from your pinterest boards!

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

    • I try to make my room colorful and fun to look at. It's definitely a bit girly, though.

  • ARGH… can't see how to edit a comment, and I spelled "I'LL" wrong above. Silly keyboard! Sorry!

  • I am horrible at decorating! I can't wait to check out your board–Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! I like how they are all uniform, but you can still see pictures underneath.

  • Your Journalism Teaching Resources board is great, too. I just followed all your boards 🙂

    • Thanks, Janice. I used to teach journalism, but I don't have it this year. I stock-piled so many resources into that board.


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